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Rattler Pride Earrings - Scholarship Fundraiser


Thank you so much for your support in providing scholarships for Florida A&M students. Proceeds from each purchase will be donated and collectively presented directly to Florida A&M Unviersity Foundation during our 2021 Homecoming from the freshman c/o 2001. 


You have the option to select these earrings in the following styles:

  • pierced (silver-plated)
  • pierced (sterling silver) for sensitive ears
  • clip-on (silver-plated) for non-pierced ears

Gift a rattler with this special design or purchase them for yourself!



  • Medium (approx. 3 inches long)

Rattler Pride

  • Please be mindful that these earrings are made with flexible wire. They may bend according to certain movements. Just bend back into shape.

    Note: Always store earrings in a flattened position to maintain shape. 



  • Flat Rate of $5.99 for shipping tangible items.

    Local pick-up location: Largo, MD 20774.

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